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Phone: 864-761-7223
Remote Control 10' flame thrower 1st generation
Master Blaster flame thrower - NEW!
"Master Blaster" flame thrower - NEW!  
Great attention getter - 20' of flame by
Double Sided Banner - use twice!
Heavy Duty vinyl with grommets for
easy display
Please call for prices
Call for prices! George Maser 864-761-7223

         Pole  Tents:             
20x40 White
30x60 White
40x60 White
60x120 White   
80x120 White
30x50 White w/sides
40x120 White without sides

Frame Tents
20x20 White & Yellow/or solid White
20x30 White
20x40 Yellow & white, white, or clear   
30x30 White or Yellow
30x60 white  
40x40 white

7' used white
7' new white
Used 7' windowed white sidewalls
New 7' windowed white sidewalls
Used 7' green and white and/or yellow and
white sidewalls (GREAT for vegetable stands)

Contact info for prices and inventory    
George Maser 864-761-7223
Our tents are VERY tough.  Pictured is a
30x30 frame tent at Kirkwood Ski
Resort, Lake Tahoe, CA.  
We also accept
Discover, American
Express, and
Diners Club